Thursday, February 02, 2006

Just waiting for the thaw Posted by Picasa

The river Posted by Picasa

Birds watch fish covetously Posted by Picasa

A rare instance of the digital bus signs actually functioning properly Posted by Picasa

Ingrid, Eline, Fons, Bart and Marelijn just out of shot Posted by Picasa

My host family Posted by Picasa

Charge Posted by Picasa

Sinterklaas gives a rare interview to the manager of the local supermarket Posted by Picasa

An angry crowd of Zwarte Piets prepare to attack Santa Posted by Picasa

Dissent in the ranks Posted by Picasa

Sinterklaas addresses the crowd Posted by Picasa

No further comment Posted by Picasa

And more Posted by Picasa

Multiple Zwarte Piets Posted by Picasa

Sinterklaas hides behind a pole Posted by Picasa

There are marching bands Posted by Picasa

Kids in traditional costume Posted by Picasa

Make-up Posted by Picasa

All the kids from miles (kilometres) around come to greet him Posted by Picasa

Zwarte Piet hands out sweets Posted by Picasa

Lots of the children are dressed up for the occasion Posted by Picasa

The crew wave Posted by Picasa

Huge crowds gather Posted by Picasa

Sinterklaas lands at Zwartsluis Posted by Picasa